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Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A: Download Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A android APK games A magnificent port on the mobile platform of a wonderful game of the beginning of the 21st century. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is perfectly remembered by gamers with experience, which means that it will be an excellent occasion to recall the beginning of the gaming industry. Playing is the brainchild of id Software, but ported by an unknown user of the site

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A Plot

We are playing for secret agent William “BJ” Blaskovich, working for a secret corporation Office of Secret Actions. Our mission is to penetrate into the ancient fascist castle and smoke out the leader of the world army of Evil.

In the process of passing, we will have to fight not only with the living soldiers but also with the insurgent dead, among whom there will be powerful bosses. Today this product is no longer relevant on the PC, but still found life on mobile platforms along with such bestsellers as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Max Payne.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A Introduction

As in the original, we begin with a dungeon, located in the basement of the castle Wolfenstein. We are playing for Agent-2, who together with Agent-1 were imprisoned in this castle. Agent-1 dies in terrible torture, which means that we will have to get out of the dungeon alone.

Along the way, we meet an ally of Cassler, who asks William to enter the castle and steal Dr. Zempf’s diaries. On the way to the castle, Agent-2 not only finds a diary but also witnesses the resurrection of the dead, in particular, the Dark Knight, who is the first boss in the game.

In general, Return to Castle Wolfenstein turned out to be not a bad game, considering very interesting missions, an abundance of characters, as well as a nonlinear plot.

Features of Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A

Previously, the game was known on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux, but today it reached the Android-environment, which allowed it to capture a larger circle of people wishing to plunge into the distant 1943 year and feel the spirit of World War II along with the otherworldly spirit of the living dead. As for the enemies, there is a wide range of opponents from completely standard soldiers to undead of any class.

Bosses in the game are presented in the form of fantastic dark creatures possessing an increased level of armor and arsenal. Also, some can throw at you hordes of opponents, which in its own way is unpleasant.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A
Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A

The game process of Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A

As for weapons, everything here is also beautiful, including, that every single type of opponent requires a unique relationship right up to and before the defeat by fire. In the arsenal you can see the following units:

  • Knife;
  • Colt;
  • MP-40;
  • Thompson M1A1;
  • Mauser Rifle;
  • “Limonka”;
  • Flamethrower M2;
  • Stielhandgranate – grenade launcher;
  • Discharger Tesla.

Above listed only some types of weapons, namely, those that are most suitable for continuous firing on crowds of opponents. Despite its age, namely 12 years the game does not lose interest and even the old year 2001 could please users with an abundance of weapons.

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A Appearance, physics, and sound

As for graphics, everything is the same here. Porting means saving all the game data, including graphics, textures, and colors. In fact, everything turned out perfectly, given that the game was ported in handicraft conditions.

The physical component also did not remain unchanged and can please users of the perfect implementation of the physical engine, and the character’s movements seem quite realistic and believable.

Sounds fully correspond to the original.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A Minuses

There are no obvious negative sides to the game since it is a 100% port. Despite its age today, you can not find a game that at least a quarter corresponded to this product. Here everything is great starting from the graphics and ending with a fleeting story. Yet the game can show surprises on some platforms because of its origin.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A Competitor

As an alternative, it’s worth mentioning a wonderful product from Gameloft – Brothers in Arms 2 Global Front, which despite its plot, graphics and time of actions fully corresponds to our today’s guest. Given the direction of both products, they can be recommended to fans of the first Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

The result of Return to Castle Wolfenstein 4A

RTCW4A is an excellent occasion to remember the old days and plunge into the world of delightful graphics, a recognizable story, and also into the world of old zombie friends. The game gets all 9 points.

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