Secret Event Blogging Tutorial for Earning Huge Money, Traffic

Nowadays event blogging is more popular and most of the event blogger searching secret Event Blogging Tutorial. But if you do not perfectly know about this events name you can not start your event blogging and can not earning huge amount of dollar. So Here I have shared with you some secret event blogging tips which are you can use your upcoming event blogging.

Event Blogging Top Events Name

There are lots of events every year but every event blogger can not do every event work. So here if you know about this top events name you can easily choose which event you can afford and you can give their times. Because you start an event word but after 1 month you stop it at that time that from that invest you can not get any kind of money.

So here I am going to share with you top events name and hope you can note it for your next event blogging.

  • New Year
  • Valentines Day
  • Friendship Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Christmas Day

This is common and international events name when you start work with this types of niche at that time you can get traffic from many countries. Sometimes some blogger work with the local event, I think if you are a beginner then the local event is the perfect niche for your first project. Now I share with you some local events name for your blogging.

  • Eid Festival
  • Results
  • IPL
  • BPL
  • Diwali
  • Republic Day
  • Thanksgiving day

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Domain Choice for event Blogging

Domain choice is most important things cause for your 1st project of blogging there you can make two types of site one is authority site or one-time site. Sometimes some blogger making authority site like see here have no any kind of year and this blogger can work with this domain every year. But sometimes some blogger choice specific year wise domain like So now the choice is yours which one you will choose. A great advantage of authority site that means cause when you start with this site you start posting, start link building when you do this every year and day by day this website gathering authentication on google search engine and google also give you a priority. But must be looked after about contents.

Hosting for Event Blogging

At a time lots of traffic will hit your website and at that time your website will pressurize. So, for this reason, you need to host your website on a good hosting. There are lots of hosting provider will give you hosting but for event blogging, you need that hosting which hosting will take this pressure at a time. Now you think which one is perfect. From my opinion, you can host your website two-way:

  • Blogger (Free)
  • Dedicated Server (Paid)

If you choose blogger at that time there no need any money and its have good advantage you can easily optimize your website and google always give priority their blogger site. But the disadvantage is you can not design your website what you want.

On the other hand, if you have money and you can afford money then you can buy a dedicated server which can take huge traffic pressure and you can design your website what you want actually. But for this dedicated server my choice you can develop your website with “WordPress”

Post for Event Blogging

Most of the event blogger want to know how many posts need for the event blogging. Ok now I am telling you that if you can write every post with 1000+ word then you can post 25 to 30 posts but if you can write 300 to 500 word then there need to give minimum 50 to 100 posts. Do not forget about on page SEO this is most important.

Remember it: You can copy SMS, message, quotes, wishes but must maintain the ratio of copy and unique. That can 80% Unique and 20% Copy.

Event Blogging Marketing

Without marketing any kind of business, product or content that can not grow up. So here are same things. When you are completing on page SEO and complete your article posting at that time you start off page SEO. Now I am sharing with you some Off Page SEO.

  • Doc Sharing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Comment
  • Slidesharing
  • Infographic
  • PBN
  • Image Sharing

Remember it: Must always remember about the ratio of do follow and no follow. Their ratio can be 70%:30% that means do follow 70% and Nofollow 30%. If you do not maintain this thing your website can kick out from google. Try to keep it natural.

General knowledge of Event Blogging

  • If you choice international event for your event blogging then start from minimum 6 months or 1 year
  • If you choice local event then you start from 3month or 6 months
  • Keep Patience and Working Hard
  • Before work must research your keyword
  • Try to choice low competition keyword
  • Choice unique keyword

If you have any kind of question then you can ask me through the comment. I will try my best.

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