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Download Street Fighter IV HD Android iPhone Apps. Very interesting and uncomplicated port of one of the best fighting games of the XXI century, today pleases users of mobile platforms, especially Android. Developed by Capcom, Street Fighter IV shows a truly outstanding result, both in terms of graphics, and in terms of the plot.

Street Fighter IV Specification

Since we have the most standard fight club in front of us, we do not have to talk about the script as such, but it’s still here. The actions of the game unfold in the fictional world of Djenua, where some representatives of completely different cultures and styles of battle gathered.

Thus, the player will have to choose one of 20 characters, among which there are Balrog, and Abel, and even Dan Hibiki in a word when you launch this product, you seem to return to the past, not only with the original characters but also with their Unique techniques, combo-strokes, and specific movements.

Street Fighter IV Download
Street Fighter IV Download

How to Start Street Fighter IV

So, selecting the character, we immediately enter into battle, and before the start of the fight, there is a short script video that somehow adds oil to the fire and glows the atmosphere around. As for the combat component, everything is simple here. For impacts, it is necessary to use all 6 virtual buttons, and also gracefully to use the cross of movement.

The blow depends not only on the combination of the action buttons, but also on the cross, so do not stand still, but try to jump, crouch, attack, and retreat in every way, so you can attack completely unpredictably, which is what you need to achieve in a duel.

Also do not forget about the combo strikes, which there are several: combo-kick, super combo, and ultra combo. The latter allows you to cause significant damage to the enemy, even to death.

How to Gameplay Street Fighter IV

In terms of locations where everything is also standard. Since we have a two-dimensional fighting game, we do not need to talk about the interactivity of the locations, but in the game, there are 11 different cards present here, so as to introduce a certain variety in the gameplay.

Another one of the main features can be attributed to the function of flexible control settings for your style of play, which allows you to configure individual keys purely under their fingers. But still, even this step does not make the management ideal, which means some kind of zam Prochaska in the process of battle.

Street Fighter IV Multiplayer

The network game looks great. One of the main advantages of the new Street Fighter IV HD is the implementation of the multiplayer using wireless networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even the most inveterate players cannot stand a single campaign and here wireless interfaces will come to the aid, which is great in its own way.

Street Fighter IV Appearance, physics, and voice

Graphics at the level of the early 2000s, which is good for the overall performance of the game. It can not be said that here we will see highly detailed textures or smoothed characters, but still, the battle animations and the colorful menu interface are present here.

Physics is also good. In fighting games, you can not expect realism, since this is a simple arcade product, and therefore, with physics in Street Fighter IV HD is all right.

Minuses of Street Fighter IV

To the negative moments is to include a small number of characters, as well as the paucity of game modes, which in the original game is somewhat larger. Pleases that the game is a full-fledged port of one of the recent fighting games, which means that users are provided with only the original elements of the gameplay Street Fighter IV.

One more thing: although the game is a network-based fighting game, still it would not hurt to make the campaign a little more interesting, adding a couple of elements of history and several new storylines.

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The alternative of Street Fighter IV

The main competition Street Fighter IV HD can make a similar fighting game mobile platform – King of Fighters, which absorbed all the positive aspects of SF and Tekken and also was released on consoles and desktop platforms.

This product can not be called a perfect fighting game, but still, like most of its genre, it boasts excellent fighting characteristics and several arcade modes.


Street Fighter IV HD is a great port on the Android platform of a 10-year-old game that still delights your fans. This product receives 8 points.

How to Download Street Fighter IV

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