Trial Xtreme 2 HD – A Dizzying Race With Increased Danger!

Trial Xtreme 2 HD – A Dizzying Race With Increased Danger!

Trial Xtreme 2 HD download for android phone and iPhone. The sequel to the famous Trial Xtreme, which has collected a total of 4 million downloads for the entire sales period, will please with additional levels, improved graphics, and physics, as well as an abundance of obstacles and obstacles. Studio Deemedya ms Ltd presents to your attention a “doped” version of the famous trial.

Trial Xtreme 2 Introduction

The essence of the game is to go through trial sites with the help of a bike. The main feature of Trial Xtreme 2 HD, like its predecessor, is the lack of time limit, and the difficulty lies in the features of each level.

As already mentioned, in the second part we will see improved graphics, physics, more trails, and obstacles. The developers took care even of the seasons. Now you can drive on a motorcycle even in winter, but for this purpose, there is a special winter version of the game.

Trial Xtreme 2 Gameplay

The game process is built on agility and a sense of the rhythm of the player, as the racer himself on the track can do real miracles. One flip or flip here is not limited. In some moments, the rider can make a roll at 720 degrees and at the same time successfully land on the wheels.

Additional jumps and pirouettes add points, for which you can buy a new “iron horse” or to pump the old one. Levels also open only after a set number of points, so you can not get scared here. In total, players are given more than 32 levels, which is almost 2 times more than in the first part.

Trial Xtreme 2
Trial Xtreme 2

Trial Xtreme 2 Locations

Missions differ from each other in the number of dangerous sites and obstacles, but as for the appearance, they are all like each other as twin brothers. Each new location has the same landscape, style, and atmosphere as the previous one, and it looks, at least, weird.

The developers tried to make a difference, releasing an additional winter version of the game, but the situation did not fix it.

A positive aspect in the design of the game is the change of clothing and appearance of the rider, that is, each player can dress the rider to his liking.

Trial Xtreme 2 Control

Control in Trial Xtreme 2 is carried out in two ways: a joystick and an accelerometer. The first is suitable for classic gamers who have passed on the consoles hundreds of moto simulators, the second is more innovative, but still not so convenient. However, if you are at a loss with the choice, it is better to stay on the combined version.

In this case, the gas and the brake are activated by touching the virtual pedals, and the inclination of the bike is made by tilting the device from side to side. Pleased with the system of return to the game after the defeat. Now you do not need to replay the whole level after the racer has broken, just start from the same place, without losing time and points.

Trial Xtreme 2 Graphics and Physics

Appearance Trial Xtreme 2 is not bad. Except for the uniformity of the levels, we can say that in terms of detail and design of the external game world, developers have tried to glory. Look great bike, racer, and obstacles. In some moments, even dynamic illumination of objects is seen, which is simply superb for a game of this level.

Physics – one of the key components of the gameplay, so here it is given special attention. The motorcycle moves gracefully, and in cases of jumping, there is always gravity. The only point concerns the stability of the rider – it’s too hard to sit on a motorcycle, and sometimes it’s very difficult to throw out of it.

Trial Xtreme 2 Minus

Negative moment Trial Xtreme 2 can be called the similarity of levels and too easy their passage, because the driver will not break so easily. These moments give the game some “cheapness” and a design flaw, which means that the developers, in the future, will have something to think about.

Trial Xtreme 2 Alternative

Competition Trial Xtreme 2 can make a similar project – Moto X Mayhem, featuring excellent graphics, high-quality physics, an abundance of levels and a flexible system of updates, giving the game even more interest.

The main difference between these projects is in dynamics. Moto X Mayhem requires the player, to a greater extent, dexterity, rather than accuracy, therefore radiates action and playfulness, which is expected from a project of this class.

Trial Xtreme 2 The result

Trial Xtreme 2 HD was quite decent. If you close your eyes to landscapes and some ease of passing, you can see a good project, the idea of which over time can turn it into a masterpiece among mobile platforms. In the meantime, the game gets 8 points.

Trial Xtreme 2 Download

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