Wild Blood Android Iphone Games – Epochal Battles of the Console Level

Wild Blood Android iPhone Games: Another MMORPG product from the company Gameloft does not bode well for avid players in WOW or Lineage, but looks are deceptively known so that players with a long gameplay will be able to appreciate with dignity all the charm of the new creation from the French developers.

Wild Blood Scenario

The plot of Wild Blood is more than fascinating and tells us about the valiant knight Lancelot, who fell in love with Queen Guinea, as a result of which King Arthur, because of jealousy, opens the gates of Hell, in order to teach Lancelot with the help of the Dark Army and restore the bent of his beloved.

In the process of passing through the levels, we will have to face the most bloodthirsty and ruthless representatives of the dark side, and we will face each other not only with ordinary employees but also with the elite echelons of Lucifer himself. The game is full of not only unceasing battles but also interesting puzzles, so you will not have to miss it.

Wild Blood Introduction

First, we need to choose which path we will follow. For example, you can choose a dizzying action that will allow us to gain strength and kill opponents in one sweep of an ax or sword.

But there are also more humane ways, such as the passage in the stealth mode, but only in the relative way, because it’s necessary to kill bosses. Also, there is a deep crafting system, which allows you to make out of the knocked out items quite amusing and necessary pieces.

Wild Blood Gameplay

In general, Lancelot needs to go through 10 levels to get to Avalon, the city in which the notorious gates to Hell are located, which as you know it is necessary to close. In the game, we will tell about 20 types of opponents, including the bosses after which a certain stage of the game ends. It is worth mentioning that each type of opponent is distinguished by some specific property, which should be taken into account in the match.

Wild Blood Features

In all that concerns the arsenal, the developers have worked on the glory. Here you can use almost all known cold weapons, from axes and daggers to spears and bows. Each separate type of weapon has the ability to pump, which gives an additional incentive to the campaign.

Also as a weapon, it is worth using magical spells that not only improve the characteristics of a separate combat unit but are capable of independently damaging the enemy.

Wild Blood Multiplayer

The most beautiful in Wild Blood is a network game, realized with the mind. Not only can you organize a network game on Wi-Fi, so also the abundance of modes will not leave indifferent any avid gamer. There are 4×4 maps, as well as the game mode “Capture the flag”, with which you can have a great time in the company of the same gamer.

Wild Blood Appearance, physics, and sound

In terms of graphics, Wild Blood shows itself simply amazing. Each separate object of the map and the world is beautifully drawn, and some locations have a completely unique atmosphere and everyday life, which allows them to perceive its inhabitants in completely different ways. The color scheme is at a high level, all the details look juicy and colorful.

The physics engine is perfectly optimized, which allows you to score in this action on almost all mobile platforms. The sound accompaniment cannot differ with special characteristics, but there are no complaints about its presence.

Wild Blood android Iphone Games
Wild Blood Android iPhone Games

Wild Blood Negative moments

The minuses are the fleetingness of the plot, as well as the completely uncovered network component, which is framed by just two modes. Yet in the future, developers claim that they will take care of this shortcoming and will make a greater emphasis on multiplayer, which now enjoys great popularity on almost all platforms.

Wild Blood Competitor

As an alternative, it’s worth mentioning an excellent game of a similar genre – Eternal Legacy HD, which despite its gameplay is completely repeated Wild Blood. Despite the similarity in the graphics and gameplay, we have two completely different products, which despite obvious differences can complement each other, as they are full-fledged RPG-projects. If you are a fan of this genre and do not want to part with it even in the subway or at work, then they are for you.

Wild Blood The result

Wild Blood is a great RPG game with MMO elements, which is perfectly displayed on its gameplay. The game gets well-deserved 8 points.

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